GSPS Editors

Both Editors have engaged in tracing the development of political science in their own countries and regard IPSA’s RC33 as a welcome tool to connect with others doing similar things in order to get a more complete map of the discipline ’s development. 

The Editors of the GSPS project and Databases (Bob Reinalda* and Thierry Dias Coelho**) will monitor the research and take care of updates on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to add one or more publications, or has correc­tions to suggest, is invited to address the Editors and propose to include certain publications and/or modifications.

Editors’ contacts:                     


                                     Bob Reinalda
                                     (Project Coordinator)
                                     Thierry Dias Coelho

                                     (Corresponding Editor) 



* Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands.
** IPRI-UNL, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal.

About RC33
Purpose and mandate

The Research Committee for the 'Study of Political Science as a Discipline', commonly known as RC33, is one of the fifty permanent research committees that comprises the bulk of the active membership of the International Political Science Association (IPSA).

RC33 promotes theoretical and research studies on the historiography and development of political science, either on its own or in conjunction with other IPSA research committees. The committee's approach is a comparative and eclectic one; it is intended to include the theoretical concerns of philosophers of social science, sociological and anthropological views of disciplinary origins and evolution, historical, and institutional studies.